Nasty Thought

For a long time I follow the turnover in my Free Haifa blog. Like every writer, I want to see that someone takes care.

One day I saw scores of entries from Israel. Then I started thinking: What if some class of Shin Bet (Mukhabarat – Security Services) trainees got the task to search my blog for some info? What is so heartening about that?


3 thoughts on “Nasty Thought

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  2. I wonder what difference does it make, to say it here and not in “Free Haifa”. if you are followed, believe me “they” can find you here as well. no info is secured online.

    • Hi Lorestene,
      It is not that I’m hiding from anybody… actually you can find this same post on Free Haifa itself. If you see the “about” page of this blog you get the answer – it is simply that the editorial policy of Free Haifa will not allow to much soft stuff to dilute the serious message – so I opened this outlet…


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