Leftist Racism?

“I have a problem with Israeli political parties – they are like socks, no way to know which is right and which is left…”

* * *

A story goes with it:

On last Thursday, 14/3/2013, there was a special event in Haifa: Artists for the Palestinian political prisoners. There were some singing and several poets read their emotional poems describing the suffering of the prisoners, the fate the Palestinian people in general and some of the frustrations which we all share as a result of our inability to do more for the prisoners.

The wonderful young singer told the above mentioned joke, which I heard for the first time and decided to share…

Free Samer Issawi, Ayman Sharawne and all the freedom prisoners!

* * *

And another story, more to the point itself:

Some twenty years ago we had a surge of racist violence in Haifa and we thought that against this plague we may cooperate with anybody, no matter what their opinion is. So we came to know some people from “Ha-Shomer Ha-Tsa’ir” (the young gourd) – the most leftist of the Zionist youth movements. After some experience working together they invited Abna Al-Balad to give a lecture in their local club.

It is not so easy to convince Abna Al-Balad activists to come to speak with young Zionists, but we succeeded to bring Ahmad from Um Al-Fahm. He told the audience about the suffering of the Palestinian people and about the program of Abna Al-Balad to let Arabs and Jews live together as equals in one democratic state.

The youth in the club went out of their way to be nice, to show their sympathy and understanding and to try to find some common grounds. Trying to stretch it to the end they asked: “If we give you not full equality but almost, let’s say 95% of it – will you accept?” Ahmed simply said it would still be a racist regime and no solution.

Trying to reach the kids from another, more human angle, he asked them: “Lets say we do nothing, we don’t even struggle for equal rights… But you know that we love children and we have many of them. What would you do if one day we will be the majority and just win the elections?”

There was silence in the room. Then the leader of the group, the same guy that was representing the movement in our “Anti Racist” coalition, honestly replied: “In this case, Kahane will handle you”!

* * *

Left Zionism? No – there is nothing like it.


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