The Free Haifa Republic

Free Haifa Republic

Residents in the north of Palestine demand independence of the Netanyahu Tel Aviv + Settlers government!

Netanyahu has just published the final list of 22 ministers in his new cabinet. It is as bad as any Israeli government can be – with the fat cats from Tel Aviv sharing the cake with wild settlers from the West Bank.

From all the north of Palestine – with maybe 2.5 million people, about half of them Arab – there is not a single minister. In these dark days not being integrated in the Israeli establishment may be some reason for pride.

So Israel is a one-city-state with wild gangs invading and robbing the neighbors. It is time that we, northerners, separate ourselves from this shameful bunch.

Let’s establish the Free Haifa Republic, the direct continuation to the independent state of Daher Al-Omar – the founder of the city of Haifa.

* * *

The information and the idea for this post were contributed by Adam Bar – so if you want to join the Northern Omarist Independence Movement please contact him.


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