How I fell into a black hole in the Israeli Apartheid map?

How I fell into a black hole in the Israeli Apartheid map?

There was another ODS (One Democratic State) meeting in Ramallah today, and the Yaffa ODS group was invited, so it was an opportunity to collect Orly from Ramat Aviv and go to see the nice people that try to make an optimistic turn in the country’s miserable history.

We were somewhat late, so I hoped my “Waze” GPS program may suggest creative ways to go there faster. I printed the word “Ramallah” in the destination field (in Hebrew) – but after some head scratching “Waze” told me that there was no such place. I tried all possible ways to spell Ramallah and the dumb program made its best – suggesting some likely named shops all around the country, even some private families, but it could not imagine that there is a city called Ramallah or that anybody may wish to go there.

I later tried “Kalandia” or “Mahsom Kalandia” – as is the name of the Super Army Road Block that is chocking the city of Ramallah – thinking that “Waze” may at least try to help poor soldiers that want to go to their occupation duty. Then I remembered that Kalandia is called in Hebrew “Atarot”. I tried this also but Waze was in total denial.

We fell into Ramallah through the hole in the wall at Kalandia. We found it quiet and blossoming, just as you can expect from a black hole in the spring of Palestine.

Our host’s wife told us about their family’s house in Jerusalem. It was taken by the Zionists as the city was occupied in 1948. Our host has a house in Yaffa, but he is not allowed to live there with his wife, due to the racist Israeli citizenship law which forbids Palestinians even from applying for family reunion.

It is easy to enter a black hole, but it is hard to come back. There is no way we can pass the infamous Mahsom Kalandia. So we had to use the special gravitation field applied by the Dead Sea and make detour of more than 10 kilometers to flip back to the road to Tel Aviv, just on the other side of the wall.

As Waze is trying to sell worldwide as a smart cool application, it is time to ask worldwide: How cool Apartheid can be? As Waze’s Apartheid map says there are no ways (to go to Ramallah, for example…), we must say “No Waze“.


4 thoughts on “How I fell into a black hole in the Israeli Apartheid map?

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  2. I think you get a wrong idea about Waze… Do you realize that you can edit Waze map by yourself? If something is missing in your area, you can edit it and make it appear in the next update. Just become a Waze map editor (log in using your Waze ID if you have registered it).

    • To say the truth my goal is not so much to improve Waze as it is to get rid of the occupation and racist Apartheid. Do you know any application that will let me do it? Please leave a link…


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