Down with the Facebook Dictatorship!

Down with the Facebook Dictatorship!

The technology is wonderful but it is controlled by a mean-minded clique interested only in its private gains. It is high time that Facebookers will rise up for a democratic revolution!

Surf the web and it is swamped with complaints on Facebook. This might be natural for a “Wild West” land that was newly inhabited without a vision or a plan and had to make space for more that a billion residents within a few years. What is not natural is that Facebook itself, despite its high public profile and immense wealth, doesn’t even care to answer. This is a clear sign of a monopolist dictatorship – they don’t give a damn to what you think because they believe that you need them more than they need you.

Another clear sign of Facebook’s dictatorial rule is their version of harsh justice. They will imprison you (“block you” in their language) or even kill you (destroy your profile) without any due process: No formal accusations are posed and no way that you can defend yourself. They are the sole accusers, judges and executioners. Not many earthly rulers today will dare to imprison and execute their subjects without even the pretence of due process (if you ignore savages like Obama and his Guantanamo and killer drones).

They tell you that they give you service for free – so why shouldn’t they make the rules in their private lands… But this is not true – they monopolize the public space. Actually the real value in Facebook is the CONTENT that we are all toiling day and night to create. Facebook uses its small investment in “the means of production” to control our huge investment in the production itself. Just like Finance Capital controls our material production, the Web Tycoons control our intellectual and social production.

In order to make your slavery more bearable you convince yourselves that this is only the virtual world. That in the real material world you are free people. But this is classical “false consciousness”. It is like industrial workers coming back from daily slavery where all their productive forces were squeezed out of them and convince themselves that they are free because they can drink beer in the pub. Industrial Capitalism enslaved our material productivity and now Facebook controls our Social life, Family connections, Mental creativity and Memories. What else is still left of us for the next generation of Capitalists to expropriate from us?

It is high time that we organize and struggle to bring to the virtual world (i.e. the world where our spirits live) at least the same values and liberties that our grandmothers and grandfather fought for and paid with their blood to gain in the physical world: Regain control of our virtual profiles (i.e. our spiritual bodies); Demand transparency of the rules and accountability of the managers; Oppose any punishment without due process and an objective jury of our peers; Sometime we might even fight for real Democracy.

The revolution is in the making. Pass the word…


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