7% at the Wedding…

7% at the Wedding…

I heard the following story from several independent sources that swore they personally witnessed it, so it must be true… (*)

In one of the numerous weddings that are filling our summer nights with music and excessive eating, a couple of guests came with their kid. According to different sources he was seven years old, or twelve, or even sixteen.

The couple was apparently very much enthusiastic about participation, getting off the table every now and then to dance or clap or greet and chat with different guests. They were also enthusiastic about the food, trying every dish presented.

The kid was holding his smart phone in both his hands, totally indulged in some other world. He even hardly touched the food. The observers were trying to guess whether he was chatting or gaming or both…

Suddenly, as his parents were standing at the edge of the dancing floor, the kid raised his eyes from the device and threw a lost glance around the big hall. Slowly, he stood on his legs, walked between the tables and turned to his parents.

–         “We must go!”

–         “Why, Dear?”

–         “It’s 7%”

The coupled packed quickly and the whole family went away.

(*) Each of my reliable sources claims to have has seen the scene in another wedding…


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