If I was a Zionist…

If I was a Zionist…

If I was a Zionist I would be concerned…

Today the police unit that is responsible for monitoring Palestinian political activity in Haifa stormed the home of Ward Kayyal’s family, searched the house and confiscated two computers as well as some papers and books (you may see more pictures on Facebook).

As we learned from the recent detention of Razi Nabulsi, the Haifa police is now mostly interested in status lines on Facebook. Probably we are not making enough demonstrations recently to keep them busy. But is there no other way for them to read our statuses and emails than to take our computers? In fact for any political “investigation” confiscating the activist’s computer is like killing the goose that lays golden eggs and stopping the flow of information from streaming into the police’s net. Could they be that dumb?

Anyway, if you will suddenly find especially foolish or tactless statuses on my Facebook page or some nasty posts in Free Haifa, you may assume that “Captain David” took control of this computer also…

2 thoughts on “If I was a Zionist…

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