The Dream

I was in prison. It was a lousy prison. The guards were nasty. I was there only for a few days, as the police wanted to prevent me from taking part in the demonstration that was planned for the next day. My cell mates were two young guys whom I didn’t know and I had little to talk about with.

But then night came and I fell asleep…

I was dreaming that I’m out of prison and that I was in the town of Tamra, not far from the place where the demonstration had to take place. It was daylight and the sun was hot and I was walking into the town…

I was fully aware that it is only a dream and that I soon will wake up in my prison cell with the nasty guards shouting at me.

I approached a house where there lived some people I knew. I talked with them and touched them and they seemed very real. I went to the toilet. Then I continued walking toward the entrance of the town near the main street.

The streets were full of dust and people walking around me. It was a long walk and I was wondering why the guards are so late to wake me up.

As I was near the main street, some guy suggested giving me a lift. I thought that if he takes me home I will have time to take a shower before going to the demonstration. I also thought that if we make it home then probably I was not in prison and the dream comes true.

Then the telephone rang noisily. I stretched my hand to take it.

I thought: If even the phone is ringing than it might be that I’m not in prison after all.

I was in bed.

The phone waked me up.