Being Israeli all the way…

While the state of Israel is hunting down and killing Palestinians every Netanyahu_to_be_Israeliday, its hate-mongering Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke in Tel Aviv and called on the Arabs in the 1948 occupied territories: “Whoever wants to be Israeli must be Israeli all the way”.

This reminded me of an old joke about one Arab Palestinian family that decided to take the challenge and do just that…

Muhammad and Fatimah were fed up from being victims of discrimination and applied to convert to Judaism with their two small kids.

The state of Israel is not fond of Arabs that like to be Jews, neither are the religious Jewish authorities easy to convince, as they don’t want Arabs that just look for material benefit. They will only convert true believers. So they requested the couple and their children to prove their devotedness by swimming across the Jordan River at the middle of a storm.

Muhammad was a strong man. He was the first to reach the other side of the river and became Shlomo. Fatimah almost drowned in the water but with her insistence and devotion she finally made it and became Shlomit.

As they were sitting together on the shore, they witnessed their two kids struggling with the water and finally drifting down the stream.

Now, being Israelis all the way, they told each other: “Never mind, it is two Arabs less.”



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