Israeli “Arab Affairs Expert” Berko: There are no Palestinians!

Israeli racist member of the Knesset for Likud, Doctor Anat Berko, claimed in a speech on Wednesday 10/2/2016 that, as the letter “P” doesn’t exist in Arabic, there is a question mark over the whole existence of the Palestinians. Berko, who was a lieutenant colonel in the Israeli army and define herself as an “expert on Arab affairs”, was actually saying “Falestin” – the way it is said in Arabic – but somehow seemed not to have any idea of the existence of the letter “F” (ف) in Arabic…


It is always a big delight to see that the bad guys are also really Dumb!

If you know Hebrew you can enjoy the original in a video from the Knesset. You can start watching from about 5:20 in the video – what comes before is shockingly racist but not at all amusing…


4 thoughts on “Israeli “Arab Affairs Expert” Berko: There are no Palestinians!

  1. The question is – when a Palestinians wants to say “I’m a Palestinian” will he say “I’m a Falestinian” or “I’m a Balestinian”

    • If he speaks Arabic he will probably say “Ana Falestini” – انا فلسطيني
      The problem of the colonialists is that they are not even aware that other people exist in their own way with their own culture – not a reflection of the distorted western image.

  2. Actually she was talking about the P rather than the F sound. She was claiming that if the name used for the country originates from a language other than Arabic (with a consonant that’s not present in Arabic), then the local Arab-speakers’ claim to the land is suspect. That argument is invalid but you’re making it seem sillier than it actually is.

    PS – I don’t like her either.


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