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Dareen site - solidarity - Yaffa Demo

Demonstration in solidarity with Poet Dareen Tatour – Clock Tower Square – Yaffa – June 25, 2016 

Fundraising for the legal expenses of Dareen’s appeal

Dareen’s supporters opened a fundraising page on FundRazr site to help cover the legal expenses of her appeal. Please donate.

Artists all over the world express their solidarity by works of art based on the poem “Resist” – digital album now ready for sale to support legal fund

Artists around the world initiated a call for solidarity with Dareen Tatour and established a special site to promote it under the title “Poem On Trial“.

Their creative works were collected and can now be heard on a new site, “” as well as on the original “Poem On Trial Site“.

You can donate by buying a digital album prepared by the cooperation of many artists in solidarity with Dareen Tatour – with all the revenues going to Dareen’s legal defense fund.

This initiative was covered by a radio program that will be broadcast in 9 different radio stations in different countries.

Dareen is free and can be contacted directly

After Dareen Tatour finished serving her 5 months prison sentence, in addition to more than two and a half years under house arrest and severe restrictions – she was released on September 20, 2018. All the restrictions on her access to the internet and the ban on publishing her artistic works have thus expired.

You can now contact her directly at: “”

Writing letters to Dareen in Damoun Prison

It is possible to write letters to Dareen while she is in prison.

Please notice that

(1) All letters to prisoners are read by the prison’s security officers and sometimes they are censored, delayed or confiscated.

(2) As it is not sure that the letters will be really delivered to Dareen, please send us a copy that will be delivered to Dareen upon her release.

You can use the following address (any one language should be enough):

Dareen Tatour

Damoun Prison

POB 98

Daliyat Al-Carmel


دارين طاطور

سجن الدامون

ص.ب. 98

دالية الكرمل

דארין טאטור

כלא דמון

ת.ד. 98

דלית אל-כרמל

Invitation to a spontaneous artistic evening: Farewell to poet Dareen Tatour before her imprisonment – Tuesday Aug 7, 2018

Dareen’s supporters to hold artistic night tonight, Tuesday, Aug 7, near her house in Reineh. After a trial lasting almost three-year, the Israeli court convicted Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour from the town of Reineh in the Galilee of “incitement to violence” and “supporting a terrorist organization”. The entire accusation is based on the publication of the poem “Resist My People” and two statuses on Facebook. Dareen was sentenced to five months in prison, three of which she had already spent in jail at the beginning of her detention in 2015. Dareen should now to go to jail on Wednesday, August 8.

Against this anti-democratic trial, and in order to support the steadfastness of the poetess who has waged a long struggle in the courts and in the public sphere against her persecution and in defence of the freedom of expression and freedom of the arts, we invite the public to participate in a spontaneous artistic evening in the courtyard of the Tatour family in Reineh on Tuesday, August 7, starting at 19:00.

We invite artists to participate in the evening by reading poetry or literary texts, by singing, playing music or by any other appropriate means of expression.

On Wednesday, August 8, we will accompany Dareen on her way to prison. We will gather at 8:00 am next to the family home.

Call for artistic performance in solidarity with Dareen Tatour

Artists Call for Creative Solidarity with Persecuted Palestinian Poet Dareen Tatour

Press Release – July 2018

Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour was convicted by an Israeli court in Nazareth of “incitement to violence” for a poem she wrote. The prosecution demanded a long prison sentence and the final sentencing should be announced this Tuesday, July 31.

A group of artists and activists issued a call inviting musicians to contribute to a forthcoming digital album in protest of Tatour’s conviction.

Each musician is invited to contribute a piece of work in any genre using, as their lyrical base, the text of a poem by Tatour. The project aims to undermine and expose the true basis of her conviction by repeating and distributing her ‘illegal’ poem via the medium of music and art.

Pen International visits Tatour in Reineh and issues a new call of action

In the first week of October 2017, PEN International’s President, Mexican author Jennifer Clement, and PEN’s Executive Director, Catalan poet Carles Torner, visited Tatour at her home in Reineh near Nazareth. They conveyed the solidarity of Pen members worldwide with Dareen in her struggle for freedom of expression. They also presented to Dareen the new Pen Charter dedicated to promoting Women’s rights and expression opportunities, and recorded her enthusiastic response.

After their visit, Pen International issued a new call for action for Tatour – published on their site. It encourages Pen chapters to adopt different activities against Dareen’s persecution.

These visit and call of action was also reported in Mondoweiss.

Tatour’s Case tops Pen America site for October 2017

Thanks Pen America for choosing to highlight Dareen Tatour as their featured case for October 2017.

They have updated her case page here:

Their blog post, and call for supporters to sign the JVP petition, went live on October 1 and is available here:

Dareen Tatour Solidarity became major issue in the struggle to defend free speech in Israel

The Yaffa Solidarity event (August 30) put the case of Dareen Tatour at the center of the struggle about freedom of expression against the onslaught of the Israeli government led by minster for “culture” Miri Regev. After the event Ms. Regev didn’t only call for cutting public funding for the Yaffa Theatre but also called on the chief of the Israeli police to interrogate the organizers and the management of the theatre for incitement.

In an unprecedented move, the legal adviser to finance minister Kahlon started the process for cutting funding to the Yaffa Theatre, enacting the much denounced 2011 “Nakba Law”. This move started a new phase of organization by actors, directors and theatre managers to resist government pressure. (Some of it is covered by the report about the Yaffa event in Mondoweiss.)

There are many examples how the issue of freedom of expression is making more waves in Israeli public debate, and Tatour became a symbol of cultural resistance.

On September 19, when the Ophir Awards for Israeli cinema (“Israel’s Oscar”) were announced, on the stage one Arab actor, Lamis Amar, declared that “we will continue to create… even if imprisoned like Dareen Tatour”. (You can read about it in Haaretz in Hebrew).

At the same time Regev, which was not invited to the ceremony, issued an anti-Ophir video that started with congratulating herself with “not coming to dance to the songs of the famous Palestinian poets Darwish and Dareen Tatour”!

The essence of the political clash after the Yaffa event is very well summarized in a video by Assaf Harel.

Yaffa Solidarity event great success, August 30, 2017

Supporters of Dareen Tatour and of Free Speech and Arts held a solidarity night in the Arab-Hebrew Theater in Yaffa on August 30, 2017. The hall was crowded and many people stayed to watch the program on a big screen in the entrance.

You can read about the event in Haaretz  (also in Hebrew) and 972, and a more detailed story about the event and the political struggle around it in Mondoweiss.

Government pressure and threats before the Yaffa event

After complaint from extremist, both Israeli minister of “Culture” Miri Regev and “centrist” finance minister Kahlon threatened to stop the financing of the Yaffa Theatre for agreeing to host the event – even though the theatre itself is not in any way responsible for the event itself.

See a report about the threats from Ms. Regev to the Yaffa Theatre here. (Mr. Kahlon joined later, only on August 29.)

You can read more about it in Arabic here and in Hebrew here and here and here.

Pen America: Distant Lives, Forbidden Voices

On August 25, 2017, Pen America held a special event in New York for the freedom of persecuted artists, including Dareen Tatour..

You can watch the video from the event here, 3 poems from Tatour come at the end.

People all over the world expressed solidarity and demanded the immediate release of poet Dareen Tatour and the dropping of all charges against her

The case of Tatour is recognized world-wide as unjust persecution for legitimate political and artistic expression of protest. She became a symbol for many hundreds of Palestinians that were arrested and prosecuted by Israel for expressing protest against the occupation in social media.

International Petition

More than 300 prominent writers, intellectuals and artists published an open letter calling for Tatour’s release. Among those who endorsed the letter were Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Dave Eggers, Claudia Rankine and 10 Pulitzer Prize winners, including renowned poet Alice Walker and journalist Kathryn Schulz.

Since then, more than 8,000 people have signed this letter.

Jewish Voice for peace and Adalah-NY were most helpful with the organizing of this petition.

Here is a link to the site of the petition.

Hebrew Petition

More than 200 writers, poets and democratic activists, including David Grossman and A.B. Yehoshua, signed a Hebrew petition with similar demands.

Here is a link to the original petition in Hebrew.

PEN International

PEN International studied the case of Dareen Tatour and came to the conclusion that the charges against her establish violation of her right for free speech and the freedom of poetry. They issues several statements related to her case.

On The Day of The Imprisoned Writer, November 15, 2016, Tatour’s imprisonment was one of a few cases highlighted by PEN.

Tatour’s case was one of the main themes in International Translation Day 2016, translating the poem “Poet Behind Bars” to 15 languages.

She was also one of the poets highlighted in the World Poetry Day on March 21, 2017.

On World Poetry Day 2017 PEN called for the public to take action in solidarity with Tatour.

More from Pen

Declaration by English Pen

Declaration by Pen South Africa – and also here.

Declaration by Pen center USA

Recognition – Prizes

In June 2017 Dareen Tatour was awarded the Danish Carl Scharenberg award for her poetry and for standing against injustice.

A Hebrew online literature magazine, Maayan, gave Dareen Tatour the 2016 prize for creativity in struggle.

Addameer: Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association

Statement by Ad-Dameer analysing the case of Dareen Tatour

Poetry Events

The first poetry night in solidarity with Tatour was held in Haifa al-Ghad club in Wadi Nisnas, with the participation of several young Palestinian poets.

Two more poetry nights, mostly with Israeli poets, were organized by poet Tal Nitzan and a group of poets, in Sipur Pashut in Tel-Aviv on June 27, 2016, and in Al-Yakhour Hostel in Haifa on May 5, 2016. (You can read more about the Tel Aviv event in Mako in Hebrew).

Writing solidarity letters

You can write solidarity letters to Dareen Tatour by old mail (as she is not allowed access to the internet), using the following address (the English should be enough)

Write to Dareen Tatour:

الرينة صندوق بريد 29

الرمز البريدي (الميكود) 16940

Dareen Tatour

P.O.B. 29

Reineh – zip 16940


Now, after Dareen was released from prison, and the restrictions over her access to the internet expired, you can contact her directly by email at: “”


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