Creativity vs. Creation

I just heard it on the BBC news: “The US supreme court is discussing whether Human Genes can be patented”!

God is eagerly waiting the court’s decision…

She may make billions!

I just googled it and found that ordinary people use some 20,000 genes…

At a bargain price you may license a gene at 1 cent-per-year… well, it is almost for free. You can easily make 200 bucks per person each year. Multiple it by the number of people on earth – they all use those genes, even more than iPhones.

So you have my daily insider trading tip: Buy God’s shares NOW!

Well, this computation is not completely exact… Hmm… Some poor people, for example those living at 1 dollar per day, will have to contend with less genes. This is a fair price for encouraging creativity. But it will also break the marketing plan as there are so many of those wretched poor consumers.

Actually the most creative people are not those making the genes… As you all know the sharpest brains in the Capitalist system go to marketing. They are already working on differential pricing, where “wealth generating” genes will come at a due price tag.

The middle classes will be happy to pay. They will be proud that they can afford to give their sons the best genes that nobody else have.

* * *

On a more serious, but not less wired, note:

The ideologues of Capitalism really want us to believe that preventing access from the poor to the best of medicine (as this is the real meaning of IP in medicine) is for the common good, as it encourages the creativity of the pharma industry…

As a person that works on the development of medical devices I must say that I will be much more motivated (and generally happier) if I knew that the sole goal of the development is saving and improving Human lives and not amassing more money for the fat cats.