The last days at school

It is well known that at the last days at school the kids are able to do anything, just anything, to celebrate their new freedom after so many years of slavery…children-celebrating

So every freedom loving person should feel a bit happy for President Barak Obama that is finally freed from the obligation to serve his white racist masters at the white house.

It reminds me of my school years…

I never loved school but I had a habit of always preparing homework. I was so much obliged to do my duties that once, maybe twelve years old, when we were told to write a short description of every region of the country, I stayed home filling notebooks for several days because there were so many regions that should be described.

When I was in high school most kids already stopped doing homework, but I stayed with my obsession. Some teachers, as they didn’t want to have trouble, would simply turn to me at the beginning of the class and ask me to read homework.

I was lucky enough to leave school at the eleventh grade… I was allowed to make my exams directly through the ministry, so I didn’t have to attend classes. So, at last, in my last week at school, I didn’t prepare my homework.

My teacher, expecting a smooth sail, turned to me at the beginning of the class.

  • Please read homework.
  • I didn’t make it.

He was really shocked.

  • But why?
  • Give me a few minutes; I will give you a good excuse.

This is a basic human joy, being free at last.

Congratulations Mr. Obama for not being a slave of the Zionists any more.