I’m brave – You’re reckless.

I’m cautious – You’re a coward.

I’m generous – You’re spendthrift.

I’m economical – You’re stingy.

I appreciate a good meal – You’re a glutton.

I weigh every step – You’re always hesitating.

I leave all the options open – You never make up your mind.

I stick to the goal – You’re narrow minded.

I’m polite – You’re hypocrite.

I’m speaking honestly – You’re rude and offending.

I grasp what you want to say before you finished talking – You never have patience to here me till the end.

I’m proud of my Socialist Heritage – You’re Stalin’s Orphans.

We wouldn’t let them to attack us first – They attacked us without any provocation.

I have deep cultural roots – You simply live in the past.

Even if I caused some damage I was motivate by good intentions – Even if you did some good things it is all part of a malicious plot.

I always like to learn new things – You never had the patience to be an expert in anything.

I always care to ask – You’re always nagging with your questions.

I’m a good listener – You just sit there like a block while I’m talking.

I always like to consult – You never take responsibility.

* * *

It is just you and me and the difference is so big…

It is so true for any me, any you.

Any me can see it.

It is so true that you can win any argument with it – just keep focused.

If you practice it well you may even be relieved of the need to use the Holocaust.

* * *

My dear readers – You’re invited to send me more examples of those eternal truths to add to this page.

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